About us


Every Human has the desire to work for the development of needy people of the world. I realized that why not I take some part in this development, because as a human being this is our duty to work for the poor and needy people.

For this purpose, I laid the foundation of Non- profit NGO, i .e. “Nippon Marks”, located at Al-Haaj Market, Gul abad,

Near Phase-III Chowk, Jamrud Road, Peshawar (25000), Khyber Paktunkhwa, to take the responsibility of helping poor Pakistan especially in N.W.F.P and tribal areas of Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan, because a large number of Afghan peoples are living in Pakistan, because all these people are facing different problems such as health, pure water, good environment, women rights, Anti drugs and Cultural activities.

I put the best of my efforts to help these people of the underdeveloped world. At this moment, I express heartiest thanks to all my friends, staff, businessmen and USA , who helped me to establish the “Nippon Marks”.
Vision and Mission

Nippon Marks is one of the leading NGO, since 2000. Its role is to help the needy people of Pakistan .

Nippon Marks is one of the largest Non-profit organizations of Pakistan , which works for different field of life such as

Anti Drugs
Women Rights
Anti Terrorism

Nippon Marks plays a vital role to increase the ratio of education, for this purpose the organization has established some schools and IT institutions and have tried to provide good education.

Nippon Marks have also arranged different tournaments of cricket, Volley Ball, Hockey and Karate to develop the sports. Nippon Marks want to play a vital role against the drugs. For this purpose Nippon arranged different Seminars and walks against Anti Drugs and also produced a Tele Film “Mission A-5 (War against Terrorism)” for bringing awareness in people against Terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan .

Women Rights is one of the major problem of this part of the world. Nippon Marks has also taken some positive steps for Women Rights.

Nippon Marks also want to provide good health facilities to the people. For this purpose, Nippon arranged different Medical camps in different villages, Towns and cities as well as in the different camps of Afghani peoples.

Nippon Marks wants to take further steps to improve, but we need the support of qualified peoples such as Doctors, Teachers etc. within Pakistan and outside Pakistan .