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Sanitation & Clean Drinking Water

Sanitation system is one of the most important problems of our country, which requires a lot of hard work. Nippon Marks also worked for the betterment of sanitation system and taken a keen interest to solve the said problem, because the sanitation system of our villages as well as in the cities are very poor.
Nippon Marks worked for this purpose in different villages as well as in the cities of N.W.F.P, Pakistan. For this purpose Nippon Marks went to Gaza Khel village at Nowshera District and Badaber village at Peshawar and arranged a proper system for water sanitation.
Nippon Marks also worked to provide pure and clean water for drinking and provided mineral water to different villages and also gave away different tablets for Water purification from Germs.
Nippon Marks a also called upon people from different villages and delivered Lectures to make them aware about protecting
them from Germs and Diseases through keeping their Homes and villages clean.
Nippon Marks also visited the Afghan refugees Camps and also provided them with the medicines and mineral water.