There are a few things about the South Korean newspaper that is a little curious. The first of these is that the articles are not nearly as long as those in other countries, perhaps the shortest in the world at around only twenty or thirty pages. They are also written in a conversational style and are not afraid to mix up their forms of English to keep the reader entertained. They also make mention of other countries outside of South Korea and the United States but do not seem to imply that they are written for people in those countries. Indeed, there is no reference to other than South Korea in the foreign language section, although the article does mention Canada and Taiwan.

Another interesting thing about this newspaper is that they have a history section, and this has articles from all over the world. This means that you can find a little bit on everything from ancient China all the way back to ancient Greece. There is even an article on the life of Nelson Mandela. There are no obituaries of political figures, or pieces that talk about crimes, though, which could be considered a disappointment since the focus of the newspaper is political.

One thing this newspaper lacks is a sports section, though. Unfortunately, the only South Korean sports article that appears regularly is an update on the team results. There is a World Series article, though, so there are some numbers and facts to go along with all the excitement. As far as entertainment goes, the South Korean newspaper does not appear to have much in the way of news and current events. But they do have some music videos, which might be of interest to a little fan of the Korean music scene.