Nippon Marks is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping develop those in need worldwide. We began by providing global assistance to the needy. There is an everyday struggle for basic human needs, such as education, healthcare, anti-drug support, sports activity programs and more. What started as a human need to help the community, has now grown globally. Nippon Marks is dedicated to the growth of those living in underdeveloped communities. Since the year 2000, we’ve remained one of the top non-profit organizations in our field. Backed by loyal friends, contributors and business people, Nippon Marks is focused on a mission of helping the needy worldwide. We contribute in all aspects of life. We’ve established schools to help educate people, hosted medical camps, arranged large sporting events and health activities to boost competition, teamwork and focus. We’ve hosted anti-drug seminars, taken several steps to advance human rights and provided healthcare facilities to villages in need. At Nippon Marks, we strive to keep growing globally. However, we need the support of qualified professionals, such as doctors, teachers and more. We welcome your support as we work toward our goal of giving people a solid foundation to chase their dreams.

Years in the field

Patients recived healthcare

Unpriveleged children completed 5 year schooling

Sports Activities/events organized